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Boo Radley has been in the Cincinnati area for over 10 years and have played at high-profile venues including the Blue Ash Friday Night Concert Series, Thursday night concert series at Newport on the Levee, and the Saturday night concert series at the Florence Freedom Park.    With over 100 songs on the Boo song-list, the Boo Radley band is loved by many audience profiles.

Listen to our Live on the Levee Performance.

Wage Hope, Versailles OH - July 6, @ 7:00PM

Join Boo Radley as we join the Versailles community to raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan.org) through a live show in the Versailles Square starting at 7:00PM.  We hope to see you there, and PLEASE donate whatever you can via our donation page.     

From the show:

How do we sound?  Listen to our Demo 

Come out and Play 
Kryptonite @ 3:18
What's Up @ 7:13
Basket Case @ 12:14
Sex on Fire @ 13:36
Folsom Prison Blues @ 14:50
Laid @ 17:25
Creep @ 20:00
Jumpin Jack Flash @ 23:04